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Wazen is your ideal partner to run your multiple activities. Wazen enables you to follow, monitor and control your various projects and businesses whenever you like and wherever you are, giving you details of your companies and branches in your place.

Electronic invoice

Electronic invoicing will be rolled-out in two phases in KSA (more details about the phases here [link to the following page]). For the first phase, enforceable as of December 4th, 2021, for all taxpayers (excluding non-resident taxpayers), and any other parties issuing tax invoices on behalf of suppliers subject to VAT, electronic invoice issuance will be very similar to today, with invoices issued through a compliant electronic solution and including additional fields depending on the type of the transaction.

Why Is Wazen
Your Ideal Partner?

Wazen has a technical support team, devoted to answer your questions and to help you in case you face any problems, through phone or e-mail communication all day round (24-7) to guarantee an ideal Wazen experience. 
Wazen gives great attention to your data safety and protection on our servers. That is why we use completely secured and encrypted servers with additional safety procedures to their sites and strong restrictions on data accessibility in addition to periodic backup.
Wazen system is designed to be compatible with your business field via activating applications and giving only required permissions. Moreover, the user platform is designed to match your trademark identity. 
You can manage your business and projects with a lot of features and tools included in an easy-to use- interface with simple steps. You don’t need to have a profound knowledge of ERP or complicated accounting systems to work on our system applications.
Follow your business pointers accurately and manage your transactions effectively, without wasting time and effort to do, with a simple interface and full-automated transactions of Wazen system.
As an integrated cloud system, Wazen will always be there to help you run your business effectively (24-7). Follow your business wherever you are and whenever you like from any device.
Wazen continuously develops its entire system and updates its applications and features in order to cope with daily business requirements. This includes adding new features and tools which make your business management easier, faster and more effective.
Get an integrated system that includes applications meeting all your business needs with a reasonable monthly subscription without additional payments to every single app, in addition to specialized technical support and continuous updates.

Integrate with Wazen

advantage of automatically exchanging information between Wazen and other applications in a simple, easy and flexible way. You can also build an integration to your application using Wazen’s private app programming interface.

Interactive board

  • Easy-to-read graphs that show up-to-date information on your business' performance around the clock.
  • Monitor your sales and know the notes receivable and their collection status.
  • Know your best-selling products and your unique customers.
  • Follow the status of cash and your bank accounts in an easy and fast way.

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