Welcome, dear visitor, to the Wazen Financial Company website, where we hope that you will have an ideal and enriching experience with us for your project. Our continuous and permanent ambition in Wazen is towards the horizon. Therefore, we provide you with financial technology services, electronic payments, and cloud accounting systems with the latest findings of leading international technologies to provide you with the service in a modern, modern and secure manner with the highest possible quality.

Wazen Team

Our team at Wazen was selected with great care, and trained extensively according to the latest developments in modern science and the latest technologies, in order to ensure that we provide the optimal service to our customers who aspire to everything that is ideal and best for their companies and future businesses.

Our services

At Wazen, we provide accounting systems that enable you to follow up on your various projects, regardless of their number, the sector in which they operate, or their size, and to control them at any time, from any device, from any place, and with the push of a button, and there is nothing better than that.

Agreements and terms

  • At Wazen, we reserve the right to refuse to provide the service whenever this is appropriate to our vision and standards, and according to what we deem to be in violation of the rules that we work by in various forms.
  • We reserve the right to limit the times, services or products we provide to customers.
  • The prices of the services, products and packages that we offer to customers are subject to change without notice according to our vision.
  • The duration of the contract between the two parties is for a full year and is automatically renewed as long as there is no notification from one of the parties of its request and desire not to renew or extend, at least (30) days before the end of the contract.
  • Both parties to the contract have the right to terminate the contract provided that the other party is notified of this thirty days before the last day of the end of the subscription to the service.
  • The second party has the right to request a backup copy of the sales data, if available, in the event that the customer has stored his sales data in the system.


At Wazen Financial Company, we are committed to the utmost seriousness in repairing technical malfunctions in the electronic system (programmatically only), if any, within a maximum period of (48) hours from the time of receiving the report through Wazen’s official means of communication below. This does not include any repair of other devices, tools or parts. Or something like that.

We at Wazen are honored by your high confidence in our systems, which were created in order for your project to have a more balanced performance with Wazen of the highest quality, as you have always and forever become accustomed to from Wazen. We are also pleased to serve you throughout the week. It may also be rare for the service to stop at certain times for the system due to some sudden circumstances such as periodic updates, upgrades and development of the system, etc. This is what prompts us to apologize to you in advance, given that these are matters beyond our control and in order to provide a safe, high-quality and efficient service that is constantly updated and free of malfunctions and technical and technical problems.

In the case of system malfunctions, you can contact us and report the malfunctions through Wazen Financial Company’s official communication methods:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Unified number: 920008293
  • Live chat via Wazen’s website: https://wazen.sa
  • For requests from distributors and marketers and further inquiries regarding this matter, you can obtain answers to all your inquiries via email: [email protected]