Common Questions

1How can I start using the system?
You can do this by entering the main page of the Wazen system from the following link, then entering the commercial register of the company or institution, then clicking on (Free trial), where the system takes you to a new screen where you are asked to enter personal data and then choose the applications that you want you need and then choose the payment method
2Is it possible to open a demo account, and for how long?
Yes - you can open a demo account for 14 days
3Is it possible to choose packages, and how to pay?
Yes - you can renew packages and electronic payment through payment channels
4Is it possible to start registering in the Wazen system through the commercial registry?
You can not
5What does a cloud program mean?
Wazen cloud system works from any internet browser, supports various operating systems and screens, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
6Is it possible to transfer from another accounting program to Wazen program?
Yes, you can import your data from the previous system in Excel format (list of suppliers - customers - items)
7Can I have one Wazen account for different establishments?
Yes, you can manage multiple business activities through just one account. You are also allowed to add employees from one company to another using the same account.
8Does Wazen support currencies?
Yes, Wazen supports multiple currencies
9What languages does Wazen support?
Arabic and English in the system and in the human resources application supports 6 languages (Arabic - English - Hindi - Nepali - Bangladeshi - Urdu)

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